My name is Rick Bell and I am a full time professional singer, lead guitarist, music producer and entertainer. My band “Rockin’ Rick & the Corvettes” was one of the top show bands in the corporate entertainment business for over a decade, butRick-Glasses_1 in 2005 I ditched the band because of the constant drama and issues that go with a band, and launched a solo career performing with nothing but my guitar and track music I produced and recorded in my studio.

I was surprised that my track music actually sounded better than my band ever had! In fact, it sounded so good that I was soon in high demand as a solo performer at some of the biggest gigs in the country, including a 24 day run at the State Fair of Texas where they’ve hired me back each year since 2012. I discovered I didn’t need a band to get great paying gigs, and I’ve been recording my own custom song tracks and using my tracks as my “virtual band” ever since.state_fair_sign

So how did I learn to produce digital music that sounds as incredible as my tracks do? I was turned on to something called MIDI Music Production in the 1980’s when I was traveling back and forth to Nashville as a songwriter.

In those days I wanted to earn my living writing songs, but after having several of my original songs published in Nashville, I realized that breaking into the songwriting inner circles was going to take years – and I didn’t want to wait!

A music producer told me I should consider writing commercial jingles because I was good with melodies and I had strong word skills. I was hired by one of the biggest music production companies in the world at that time, and was soon earning fast money writing jingles for radio and television. I became the #1 staff writer for that company before I left to start my own jingle production company, Commercial Music Consultants.

I enjoyed immediate success writing jingles, and won awards as both a songwriter and jingle writer. Songwriter-AwardHere is an award I won from the Southern Songwriters Guild for a television jingle I wrote, played all the instruments on, and produced. I also won an Addy Award for that jingle.

It was in the jingle studio where I learned the ins and outs of digital music (MIDI) production, which was a brand new technology at the time. Since then MIDI technology has achieved mind boggling advancements, and today more than 99% of all music is digitally produced on some level.

Rick-red-strat-2My Gig Coach Online Studio allows me to work with you no matter where you are in the world to help you create your most valuable of all assets; Your Recorded Music.

If you only knew how much money I’ve earned over the years performing live with both cover and original songs I record in my studio, you would start building your song track library today! The custom tracks you invest in have the potential to pay you greater dividends than anything else you can find in both monetary terms and life satisfaction.

All the instruments you hear in the Song Style Samples are digital instruments played in my studio. You will be absolutely blown away by the sound quality and fullness of these demo clips. There are over 400 different Style Samples to choose from on this website, and once your Style is chosen, we will customize it to perfectly fit your song.

I encourage you to listen to the song styles in the Style Samples section and take the first step to move forward with your music creations by clicking the Get Started tab in the menu.Smokin-Hot-Guitar-promo-2

My studio is located near Austin, Texas, which claims the title of “Live Music Capital of the World”.