Watch the video below to learn about the power of Jingles in your advertising:

Have you ever wondered why children learn their alphabet easiest by singing it? A B C D E F G?

Have you ever wondered why a certain song can get “stuck in your head” and you walk around humming or singing the song, sometimes for days?

The answer to both these questions is:  Music has a powerful ability to imprint our minds, much more than mere spoken words can. Studies have shown that people are able to retain information many times faster if the information is set to music.

This explains why advertisers have used Jingles in their radio and television ads ever since broadcast medium was invented – but jingles even predate recorded advertising.

In the 1800’s the term “drumming up business” came into existence when traveling salesmen rolled into towns with their wagon of goods. The traveling salesmen would offer some type of music to draw a crowd to their wagon where they could make their sales pitches and sell their merchandise. This music was often just the salesman beating his certain rhythm on a drum, so the town’s folk would recognize his “Jingle” and come to his wagon.

Today, signature music is the most important element of your broadcast communication. Your message in your advertising can change every week, but your music identity (your music ID) must remain consistent throughout your campaign, which can last for years.

Top advertising firms know how important jingles are for their clients, and that’s why dozens of them have commissioned me over the years to write and produce custom jingles for their campaigns.

If you are doing broadcast advertising without a jingle, you are missing out on a large potential impact your ads could be making.

The amazing thing is, studies have shown that even bad jingles are many times more effective at making product impressions, and ultimately selling more product than advertising with standard or stock background music only.

The Jingle creation process begins with you choosing a basic style you would like the Jingle to have, by listening to some samples we will select for you to choose from. We will select the samples based on a Musical ID profile of your company and the products you sell.

Our Music ID profile will help us find the right musical “personality” we want to project for your business. This musical personality can range from something like: serious and focused for an investment firm, to exciting and motivating for a car dealership.

Once the overall feel of the Jingle is decided, we go to work carefully crafting your advertising message in the Jingle. We will work with you along the way to share our progress during the development.

When your Jingle package is complete, you will receive several versions of your Jingle for different lengths of advertising commercials and different uses. The Gig Coach Studio Jingle Packages consist of:

  • A 58 second version of your jingle, with a 50 second music bed for the announcer to speak over. The last 8 seconds of your Jingle will be your slogan ID tag sung at the end.
  • A 28 second version of your Jingle with the 8 second ID sung at the end.

Complete Jingle packages include professional singers adding vocals for the ID’s. Jingle packages start at $695, with any type of customization you need available.

Fill out the simple contact form on this page to get more information about a Jingle package for your company.

Here are a few samples of Jingles and custom music projects I’ve worked on over the years: