As anyone in the music business will tell you, it all starts with a good song. If your song is not quite “right”, then everything else you do will usually be a waste of time.GCS-Lyric-Melody-Button

At Gig Coach Studio we understand how important a fresh set of eyes and ears on your song can be. Collaborating with a “song finisher” can literally be the difference between a mediocre song and a hit record.

It has been said that when the legendary super group The Eagles were writing their mega hit “Take It Easy” , they were stuck trying to finish one key phrase in the song, and they just couldn’t get it.

The song was about to be abandoned and put on the shelf when a friend named Jackson Browne was asked if he could help come up with the line they couldn’t find.

Within minutes Jackson Browne had completed the famous line they were stuck on. The line was, “I’ve been standin’ on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine site to see...” Then Jackson Browne added, “It’s a girl my Lord in a flat bed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me”. That was all the song needed to still be generating royalty checks in their mailboxes today!

Why do you think so many hit songs are collaborations? The reason is that an extra set of ears is sometimes what a nearly finished song needs to come to life, and that’s why we offer that help to you.

The best thing about our songwriting collaboration service is that we handle your project on a “Work for Hire” basis, meaning you don’t have to share any of the royalty payments with us for your completed song. You simply hire us the same way jingle writers are hired for radio and television, with no back-end royalties involved.

We offer various song consulting packages that are completely affordable for most budgets, and again, when we are finished tweaking your song you own the work outright with no co-writing split or royalties ever to be paid to us.

Song consulting projects are accepted only if you are a Gig Coach client and we are producing a song package for you.

Basic Lyric consultation and collaboration: $45.00 per song

Basic Melody and chord consultation and collaboration: $65 per song

Lyric and Melody complete song consultation and collaboration: $85 per song, and includes printed music lead sheets for your song.