Gig Coach Studio can be your go-to Video Production service for corporate instruction videos, sales videos, product demonstration videos, and a host of other custom videos.

Gig Coach Studio can produce your entire video, from opening to closing, including custom background music and professional narration. All we need from you are photos, video clips if you have any, and logos, and the script you want for the finished custom video. Your custom video can be used on your website, in your trade show booth, or any other place you need to communicate ideas and concepts through the power of video.

We live in a world where video has become the most popular and effective form of communication for selling products or services. If you have a website and you’re not yet using the power of video on your site, you’re missing out on the most cost effective tool ever developed for small business.

With video, you only record it once, and then it can work for you for years with no additional costs! Everything you do in your company should be explained, demonstrated, or sold using video at some stage in your sales cycle.

The reason most companies are missing out on the benefits of video, is because they don’t know how to create and edit a professional video, and they don’t know where to find affordable video production services.

Your custom video can be flashy and animated or simple and direct in it’s tone. Gig Coach Studio custom video packages are very affordable and can usually be completed in just a few weeks. Your completed video is delivered in an MP4 video format, along with a custom video embed package for your web master to embed the video anywhere you like on your website.

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