The starting point for your project is choosing a song style you like by listening to the samples of the various styles we have. When you are listening to the song style samples you want to be listening for a basic beat and feel you like for your song.

Your song will obviously have different tempo, chords, melody, and possibly different instrumentation than these samples, but the samples give you an idea of the overall feel your song will have when finished. Listen for the “feel” of the song and not so much the melody and instruments used in the sample because the chords and arrangements will all be totally different with your song.

Once you have selected a style, we will go to work producing your song in that style. We will use the chords you wrote for your song in the proper key – along with any key changes or modulations you want in the song. (If you’re not sure about key changes and where your song might need them, our songwriting team can make suggestions)

It is extremely exciting to experience your song creations come to life as you hear them with full instrumentation for the first time. The Gig Coach Studio is proud to be part of your creative team, providing you with professionally produced tracks you can record with, or use to perform live!

Please select one of the following Style Groups to start finding the sound you want for this song project:

Blues Styles

Gospel – Country Styles

Country – Faster Beat Styles

Country – Slower Beat Styles

Folk Styles

Funk Styles

Praise & Worship Styles

Rock Styles – Ballads

Rock Styles – Faster